Unless explicitly stated otherwise, jQuery functions require primitive values where applicable, and do not accept their Object-wrapped forms. Because :selected is a jQuery extension and not part of the CSS specification, queries using :selected cannot take advantage of the performance boost provided by the native DOM querySelectorAll() method. Tip: The selected attribute can also be set after the page loads, with a JavaScript. This page documents data types appearing in jQuery function signatures, whether defined by JavaScript itself or further restricted by jQuery. $(“selector option: selected”); The jQuery select option is used to display selected content in the option tag. The pre-selected option will be displayed first in the drop-down list. Use the 이제 options jQuery 를 사용하는 제품 중 하나를 선택해야합니다 . 선택된 값의 index를 불러오기 /.. Definition and Usage. jQuery获取Select元素,并选择的Text和Value: 1. Approach: First, add jQuery Mobile scripts needed for your project. We can select text or we can also find the position of a text in a drop down list using 구분 성명 아이디 검 색 위와 같은 option 값을 변경하는 jQuery // 지정된 index 값으로 select 하기 $('#searchName option:eq(2)').prop('selected', true); // option 3번째 선.. Once you have the selected option, you can use the .data() method to retrieve the data-attribute in question: If you run this code on the “input” event of the input box, you’ll get the data-id of the selected option as soon as an option is selected – whether it is selected by mouse, arrow keys on the keyboard, or by typing in the complete item value. 'Front-End' Related Articles. Name로 접근하여 선택된 값 읽기 $("select[name=셀렉트박스의name값]").val(); 3. text syntax is below: var variableValue = $(“selector option: selected”).text(); The “option: selected” attribute is used to select specific content in the option tag. [jquery] select box 선택값 가져오기 // select box ID로 접근하여 선택된 값 읽기 $("#셀렉트박스ID option:selected").val(); // select box Name로 접근하여 선택된 값 읽기 Feel free to suggest by commenting below. If you want to get the text not the value of the selected option in jQuery, you can use the $.text method. At times, it could be very useful to use jQuery to Get Selected Option Index value for carrying out relevant processing. The :selected selector selects option elements that are pre-selected. At times, it could be very useful to use jQuery to Get Selected Option Index value for carrying out relevant processing. The HTML select element option can easily set selected using jQuery – $(selector).val(option-value);. それではなく、実際に表示される いぬ とか きじ などのテキストを取得する方法です。 Topic: JavaScript / jQuery Prev|Next. class_2 디비에서 가져온 학년 select name class_1 option value 1 1학년 /option option value 2 2학년 /option option value 3 3학년 /o alert($(“#myselect option:selected”).index(); jQuery permet de modifier la valeur sélectionnée dans une liste déroulante