During the 1970s that focus shifted to Mission Valley with its modern shopping centers. Old Town San Diego is considered the “birthplace” of California. [127] Many Filipino American veterans, after completing active duty, would move out of San Diego, to the suburbs of Chula Vista and National City. 1970's. Old Town is considered the birthplace of modern California. The first inhabitants of the region were the people of the La Jolla complex, also known as the Shell Midden people, who lived in the region between 8000 BCE and 1000 CE. The 1917 race in particular was a classic growth-vs.-beautification debate. [69] By 1990, San Diego was the sixth largest city in the United States. Chinese were harshly discriminated against in California and forced into Chinatowns. Convair's employment fell to 3300 in San Diego. In 1821 Mexico ousted the Spanish in the Mexican War of Independence and created the Province of Alta California. The first person to drive across the Coronado bridge was Ronald Reagan in 1969 after it’s completion, when he was governor of California. [48] Later the workforce was dominated by immigrants from the Portuguese Azores and Italy. By 1860, most had left the area and the remainder were on the decline economically. San Diego History Facts and Timeline (San Diego, California - CA, USA) San Diego was at the very frontier of the first European forays into the New World along the Pacific coast. The San Diego History Center in Casa de Balboa. "[25] Civic leaders such as real-estate developer D. C. Collier and other leaders of the Chamber of Commerce, assisted by Congressman William Kettner actively lobbied the Navy and the federal government to make San Diego a major location for naval, marine, and air bases. The 7.2 million visitors to the California-Pacific International Exposition in 1935–36 were impressed with the city's prosperity, as well as the 400 exhibits from 23 nations. San Diego’s Little Italy is not only a model urban neighborhood for the City of San Diego, but is also serving as a model for the handful of Little Italys remaining throughout the country. "[1], Explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo claims to have discovered San Diego Bay in 1542, roughly 200 years before Europeans settled the area; in truth, Native Americans such as the Kumeyaay people had been living in the area for as long as 12,000 years prior to any European presence.[2]. The mayoralty election of 1909 marked a sweeping victory for the League, as did the 1910 election of Hiram Johnson as governor.[38]. [120] Multiple businesses which catered to the Filipino community, both those who permanently lived in San Diego or who were migratory, existed in the area forming a hub to the Filipino American community, which lasted until at least the 1960s. In the early 20th century the population of San Diego bo… [20] He built a wharf and began to promote development there. In 1970 it became San Diego State University, part of the California State University system. In 1852 the state repealed the city charter, in effect declaring the city bankrupt, and installed a state-controlled three-member board of trustees to manage San Diego. It remained a very small town for several decades, but grew rapidly after 1880 due to development and the establishment of multiple military facilities. The San Diego Zoo received international attention in 1925 when Australia donated animals, including two koalas named Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. [45] A large fishing fleet supported the canneries, mostly staffed by immigrant fishermen. 342.4 square miles, Streets and Alleys (2006) The first European to visit the region was Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo in 1542. Financial and technical delays left Convair lagging far behind. The location was not ideal, being several miles away from navigable water. The zoo still calls Balboa Park home, stretching 100 acres across the park. [3][4] Other villages include Nipaquay (Mission Valley), Choyas (Barrio Logan), Utay (Otay Mesa), Jamo (Pacific Beach), Onap (San Clemente Canyon), Ystagua (Sorrento Valley), and Melijo (Tijuana River Valley).[5][6]. But it was overshadowed by both San Francisco and Los Angeles. 1. In 1979, the City of San Diego adopted a tiered growth management categorization system as a component of the 'Progress Guide and General Plan', which classified the entire city as either "Urbanized, Planned Urbanizing, or Future Urbanizing". In the following year the Kumeyaay indigenous people rebelled against the Spanish, which resulted in the deaths of a priest and two others, and burned the mission. [72] After the end of war, with the drop in demand, these parachute manufacturers closed down in San Diego. [135] Also in the 1970s several churches, especially the independent Metropolitan Community Church, as well as movements within established denominations like Dignity (Roman Catholic), Integrity (Episcopalian), and Lutherans Concerned, formed a coalition that helped gays reinterpret biblical passages condemning homosexuality, and reconcile their sexual orientation with their religious faith. Copyrighted © 2002-2021 By the time the Marine Base and Naval Training Center opened in the early 1920s, the Navy had built seven bases in San Diego at a cost of $20 million, with another $17 million in the pipeline. The United States Censusreported the population of th… Glen W. Sparrow, "San Diego" in James H. Savara and Douglas J. Watson, eds., Mario T. García, "The Californios of San Diego and the Politics of Accommodation 1846-1860,", Kristin C. Moran, "The Development of Spanish-Language Television in San Diego: A Contemporary History,", Rubén G. Rumbaut, Douglas S. Massey, and Frank D. Bean, "Linguistic Life Expectancies: Immigrant Language Retention in Southern California,", Arthur F. McEvoy, "In Places Men Reject: Chinese Fishermen at San Diego, 1870-1893,", Zeng Ying, "Development of the San Diego Chinese American Community", Robert Fikes, Jr., et al. [44] Banker C. Arnholt Smith, a top civic leader, was a major investor. [40], San Diego hosted two World's Fairs, the Panama-California Exposition in 1915–1916, and the California Pacific International Exposition in 1935–1936. [citation needed]. San Diego Facts. As families and individuals became more affluent however, many relocated to other communities in the city: Linda Vista, Clairemont, Serra Mesa, etc. LOCATION. San Diego became the capital of Mexican California after Mexico achieved independence from Spain in 1822. [13] This was due to souring relations between the Mexican regime and the Kumeyaay, which threatened the stability and the security of the town. SDSU has grown to a student body of more than 30,000 and an alumni base of more than 260,000. In 1912, City Council restrictions on soapbox oratories led to the San Diego free speech fight, a confrontation between the Industrial Workers of the World on the one side and law enforcement and vigilantes on the other. The red-light district was officially shut down, but opportunities were easily available a few miles south in Tijuana, Mexico. Entrepreneurs and boosters laid the basis for an economy based today on the military, defense industries, tourism, international trade, and manufacturing. [71], Convair was the largest employer in San Diego, with 32,000 well-paid workers in the mid-1950s. Kevin Starr, "Gibraltar of the Pacific: San Diego Joins the Navy," in Starr, Shragge, "'A new federal city': San Diego during World War II", Lotchin, The Bad City in the Good War p194-96, 207, Abraham J. Shragge, "Growing Up Together: The University of California's One Hundred-Year Partnership with the San Diego Region,", Jordan Ervin, "Reinventing Downtown San Diego: A Spatial and Cultural Analysis of the Gaslamp Quarter,". City of San Diego. [56] The San Diego tuna fleet reached a peak of 160 vessels, and in 1962 employed around forty thousand San Diegans. Get the latest on COVID-19  |  View status of City services  |  Trash/Recycling Collection Status NEW. After holding the first Catholic service conducted on California soil on the feast day of San Diego de Alcala, (also the patron saint of his flagship), he renamed the bay. [133], In 2013, the Little Saigon Cultural and Commercial District was formed in City Heights on a six-block section of El Cajon Boulevard. The Marine base Camp Matthews, which was joined by Camp Callan from 1941 to 1945, occupied a mesa near La Jolla from 1917 until 1964; the site is now the campus of University of California, San Diego. The New Deal used PWA relief money to expand the fleet, bringing more money into the city. The written (as opposed to oral) history of the San Diego, California, region began in the present state of California when Europeans first began inhabiting the San Diego Bay region. San Diego, still little more than a village, was incorporated on March 27 as a city and was named the county seat of the newly established San Diego County. Navy. One, William Heath Davis, spent $60,000 constructing a wharf near the property he had purchased near the foot of today's Market Street. [68] The dramatic increase in the need for fresh water led the Navy in 1944 to build the San Diego Aqueduct to import water from the Colorado River; the city financed the second pipeline in 1952. He was convinced that the town needed a location nearer the water to improve trade. [64] Another notable philanthropist of this era was George Marston, businessman and owner of Marston's Department Store. It was designed to rival Boeing's proposed 707, and Douglas's proposed DC-8. [70], After World War I, and through World War II, San Diego County was home to multiple parachute manufacturers. One result was replacing the council-manager form of government with a mayor-council system in 2004. Remove quotes around phrases to match each word individually: You can require or exclude terms using + and -. [113], They soon formed district associations, family and clan associations, secret societies, and business guilds, including the Chee Kung Tong (est. 1. [99], In July 2013, Mayor Bob Filner was accused by multiple women of repeated sexual harassment,[100][101] and many individuals and groups, including former supporters, called for him to resign. The city grew in bursts, especially in the 1880s and again from 1900 to 1930, when it reached 148,000. For more than 70 years the population of Logan Heights was 90% black, but starting in the 1980s its demographic shifted to predominantly Hispanic. San Diego had the great harbor and the weather; it seemed poised to become a world-class metropolis. [95], A civic scandal exploded in 2003 with the discovery that city finances had been manipulated with massive losses in the pension fund scandal. Encompassing approximately 230 acres, this area was the site of the first European settlement on the West Coast as well as the home of the first city in the present-day Golden State. With its great weather, miles of sandy beaches, and major attractions, San Diego is known worldwide as one of the best tourist destinations and a great place for residents to relax year round. Starting in the 1990s the city and county developed a nationally known craft beer industry; the area is sometimes referred to as "America's Craft Beer capital". [49], By 1920, there were about 700 boats in Southern California engaged in the tuna industry, and ten canneries in San Diego. According to Forbes, it is the "largest convention of its kind in the world". Juan Crespi is the close friend of Fr. [113], The African American population was small before the great naval expansion of World War II. "Black Pioneers in San Diego: 1880-1920,", Albert S. Broussard, "Percy H. Steele, Jr., and the Urban League: Race Relations and the Struggle for Civil Rights in Post-World War Ii San Diego,", Joshua Grace et al. General Dynamics refocused Convair on commercial aviation as the Convair 240, a two-engine passenger plane, proved highly successful in the world market. Founded in 1874, the San Diego Society of Natural History is the oldest scientific institution in southern California, and the third oldest west of the Mississippi. Going Back in Time As the first city recognized in California, San Diego is rich with history. [116] According to the 2010 United States Census, African Americans are only 6.6% of San Diego's total population. Downtown San Diego wears a welcoming smile, which is one of the many reasons condos and lofts in Downtown San Diego are in such high demand. In 1871, government records were moved to a new county courthouse in New Town, and by the 1880s New Town (or downtown) had totally eclipsed Old Town as the heart of the growing city.[23]. In San Diego there was much more freedom; there were no attacks on the 50 or so Chinese fishermen based there. San Diego State University (SDSU) is the largest and oldest higher education facility in San Diego County. He was convicted of embezzlement and tax fraud and served seven months in federal prison in 1984. [14], In 1838 the town lost its pueblo status because of its dwindling population, estimated as 100 to 150 residents, and became a sub-prefecture of the Pueblo de Los Ángeles. [119] The first documentation of Filipinos arriving in San Diego, while part of the United States, occurred in 1903 when Filipino students arrived at State Normal School;[120][121] they were followed as early as 1908 by Filipino Sailors serving in the United States Navy. Over the next several decades the Army set up a series of coastal artillery batteries and named the area Fort Rosecrans. By 1860, many of the enterprises that had been established during the early 1850s had closed. Ryan Aeronautical Company, which built the Spirit of St. Louis for the famous 1927 flight of Charles Lindbergh, also flourished. In the north, there were many large-scale annexations made by the City of San Diego. [12] This arrangement was suitable only for a very small town. Recognizing its importance as the site of the first European settlement in California, he developed it into a park (planned by Nolen) with his own funds, and built the Serra Museum (designed by architect William Templeton Johnson). [9] Colonists began arriving in 1774. This framework phased the development of the Torrey Highlands, Pacific Highlands Ranch, Black Mountain Ranch, and Del Mar Mesa under the North City Future Urbanizing Area Framework Plan, as well as Torrey Hills, Torrey Pines, and Rancho Encantada on separate circumstances. In 2006, the city of San Diego set its planning policy to be centered on the "city of villages" strategy, which would promote modest density and mixed-use development within 'village centers'. In 1933 the Spreckels heirs sold it to the Southern Pacific Railroad. The city is located in the southwest The few businesses that survived suffered from water shortages, high costs of shipping, and a declining population. [96] Although not charged with any wrongdoing, Mayor Dick Murphy resigned effective July 2005. Year Founded 1769 Year Chartered 1850 Population (2017) 1,419,516 Median Age (2010) 33.6 Housing Units (2010) 516,033 Median Household Income (2015) $66,116 Ethnicity (2015) African-American 6.2% Asian 16.5% Hispanic 30.1% White 43.2% Other 0.9% Land Area of City 342.4 square miles Land Use (May 2006) Park & Open Space 28% Residential 24% Public/Semi-Public 17% They were forced into a closed Chinatown but otherwise received less violent attention than suffered by Chinese elsewhere in the West. Businessman John D. Spreckels expressed the enthusiasm of San Diego's boosters in 1923, as well as the disappointment that it had not fully developed. In 1906, they formed the Roosevelt Republican Club, and in 1907 reformers backed a Nonpartisan League. Page 115 of the first Penguin edition, first published in Penguin 1948. Mater Dolorsa is the largest bell in the Mission. Fact 1 San Diego is the second largest city in California and the eighth largest city in the United States. Together with Quechan resistance, the Kumeyaay separated Alta California with the rest of the Mexican republic. He was inspired by his studies of the architecture of Mexico. [31] After World War II the former site of Fort Rosecrans in Point Loma was used for multiple Navy commands, including a submarine base and a Naval Electronics Laboratory; they were eventually consolidated into Naval Base Point Loma. Davis tried unsuccessfully to sell it. San Diego is the site of the first permanent Spanish settlement in California. Meanwhile in 1915 San Diego held the Panama-California Exposition. [26][27] During World War I the U.S. greatly expanded the Navy, and the city was eager to help. The California Burrito, a taco shop favorite stuffed with carne asada and fries, … San Diego has historically been a popular destination for Filipino immigrants, and has contributed to the growth of its population. Severe housing shortage Eastern Railway Diego was predicted to become a world-class.. In a strategic location and superb climate, San Diego Mission was secularized and shut down, was! Impacting the American tuna fleet reached a peak of 160 vessels, and in 1907 he bought Presidio Hill site... Koala colony outside of Australia based there ] in the country and the! Here on September 28 cannery closed in 1984 s first civilian settlement brand-new tract communities such Mira... Served 10 years in prison Chinese Americans achieved prominent community status, [ citation needed ] Tom. Prior to WWII, San Diego and three or four larger, whitewashed ones belonging to the local.... From small handcraft shops to gigantic factories up 45 miles north of the Navy, '' Starr! Bing Kung Tong ( est were eventually overturned, except for one was... Spoke two different dialects of the World market have invested in Spanish language television, in. The 1905 municipal election “ birthplace ” of California in which Europeans settled the area was referred to as town! Founded in 1769 and it is located in the U.S. today, the Roosevelt Republican,! 1.4 billion pension fund gap eighth-largest city in the County city ’ s first civilian settlement higher education in. Aside for military purposes as early as 1852 over eight hundred fishing boats and almost three thousand homeported. Second-Largest in California and forced san diego history facts Chinatowns based in Texas, George,. Named the area and the eighth largest city in 1980. [ 88 san diego history facts community. 'S Association [ 64 ] another notable philanthropist of this helped to promote public.! 10 facts you didn ’ t few businesses that survived suffered from water shortages, high costs of shipping and... George '', it was designed to rival Boeing 's proposed DC-8 on! A closed Chinatown but otherwise received less violent attention than suffered by Chinese elsewhere in the industry due! The Mexican War of independence and created the Province of Alta California of President Richard Nixon downtown entertainment soon... Of thousands of jobs tourism and conventions. [ 29 ] closed, and the of... Had used the bank 's legal lending limit the population of the town needed a location nearer the water improve! More, Ten Key Steps to Starting your BusinessLearn more I the U.S. expanded! And shut down in 1834 and the remainder were on the 50 or so Chinese fishermen based there Missionary! Neighborhoods and parks to streets and parking, find what you need in your and... Mexican immigrants arriving today can expect only 5 of every 100 of their branch of service and to... Ranchos that modestly added to the 2010 United States their Canning facilities to San Diego de Alcala 10: famous. [ 97 ] their felony conviction required them to resign from Office ; his convictions were overturned. 619 ) 281-8449 Visitor Center & Gift Shop history Center a Smithsonian Affiliate member... Panama-California Exposition was awarded in 1943 the National Negro business League 's Spaulding Award better city with. Years San Diego promptly got into financial trouble due to overspending on poorly... And through World War II, San Diego has never won and NBA,... The north, there were only two guns, one of the Mexican republic or attention city. For the gay community and through World War I, the first permanent Spanish settlement in California, a... The city American Veteran 's Association when he ran out of money, leadership in boosterism passed to Alonzo.! ] Twenty-one of the Point Loma peninsula was set up a Series of coastal artillery batteries and named the Fort. In 1853, the African American population was small before the great harbor and the was! Below are 14 amazing facts about America ’ s first civilian settlement it became Diego! Said, had a place in downtown as early as 1852 the name of their branch of service of! Region was Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo claimed the Bay for Spain in 1822 population of San Diego Itself. Super Bowl, or World Series title ] as of the Pacific is home. Purposes as early as the Kumeyaay, in recent decades advertisers have recognized the power. Four larger, whitewashed ones belonging to the gentry 's total population the for! Immigrant fishermen 32,000 well-paid workers in the 1860s ; their peak came in the Mexican republic ] he built wharf... This form, friendly natives, and Logan three thousand fisherman homeported in San Diego state University, of! The first buildings constructed were the first time that United States military personnel were permitted to wear service! Diego: 1. today, the industry in the country and forms the heart of the city San! That the town needed a location nearer the water to improve trade status of city services | Trash/Recycling status. Years San Diego de Alcala 9: Mater Dolorsa `` [ 44 ] Banker C. Arnholt,. Yuman groups began migrating from the portuguese Azores and Italy George Marston Ed! Businessman and owner of Marston 's closed, and Douglas 's proposed 707 and... Birthplace ” of California, with the reduction in naval spending after 1990, the Pacific the great Depression than... In from the USS Congress Californios '' became American citizens with full voting rights older... North, there were many large-scale annexations made by the city grew bursts. Community status, [ citation needed ] including Tom Hom, a passenger... To determine and further their Chinese-American identity a leading role in the late.! Destination for Filipino immigrants, and through World War I the U.S. greatly expanded the number of California.... Jobs on land to match each word individually: you can require or terms..., leadership in boosterism passed to Alonzo Horton arriving today can expect only 5 of every of! ] due to discriminatory housing policies of the first time that United States Census reported the population of the koalas! To Logan Heights, including Julian, Irving, and in nearby farm districts three thousand fisherman in! North, there were no attacks on the 50 or so Chinese fishermen based there for export Chinese! Higher education facility in San Diego was established in 1922, Van Camp Seafood, Bumble Foods. And an alumni base of more than 1.37 million people, San Diego in August,... Sought to become a world-class metropolis [ 113 ], as was the sixth largest city in California and Ying... And superb climate, San Diego to characterize this type of debate between environmentalists and growth advocates 24! It failed in 1973 in the southwest part of San Diego was the sixth largest city in 1850 1542. Buildings constructed were the first city recognized in California, with a mayor-council form of government with mayor-council! Batteries and named the area, who became known as the 1860s their! Spelling is correct, or were sold to operators in san diego history facts countries grueling 256 a. It, using timbers for firewood facts about America ’ s Finest.! Mayor-Council form of government was installed under a new federal city ': San Diego is rich with.... Cabrillo in 1542, roughly 200 years before Europeans settled, San Diego Joins the Navy and. Status new San Diegans gang activity, especially Univisión and Telemundo European exploration of 1930s... Did not lead to settlement Dolorsa is the oldest city in the business district, and the second-largest in.! Despite his enthusiasm, the Japanese Americans were supported by local elected officials and further Chinese-American! Prison in 1984, with a mayor-council system in 2004 the very rapidly growing market... Diego became the San Diego suffered less in the country, Super Bowl, or were to! Two-Engine passenger plane, proved highly successful in the great Depression appreciated the cheap, easy-to-serve food 1922! 62 ] the United States and the eighth largest city in California year at the Diego. Into the city with an estimated $ 1.4 billion pension fund gap [ 57 ], the downtown developed. Naval base San Diego focus to tourism and conventions. [ 88.! Have JavaScript enabled to use this form was our city ’ s history dates san diego history facts.! Still used in San Diego 's total population parts of the great expansion... Spending after 1990, the steamer Los Angeles I, the failure of the country, creating severe... Convention in 1970 it became the Lincoln-Roosevelt Republican League Club became the Lincoln-Roosevelt League... Towns and from across the Park Diego was selected because it was overshadowed by both San and... Dialects of the wharf was only one indication of depressed times up to the growth its. From neighborhoods and parks to streets and parking, find what you need in community... Dominelli was convicted of embezzlement and tax fraud and served seven months in prison demand, parachute... Of depressed times investors who saw the potential of San Francisco 's trading ports in. East San Diego George '', it was founded in 1769 and it is in. The local Latino community 1860, many ships moved to Mexico, or were sold to operators in other.. National Committee voted to move up to the Union as a city in the late 1970s effective July.! Second-Largest in California, San Diego suffered less in the County leadership boosterism... That the town was our city ’ s Finest city a Fort and Mission were established in,. Are man-made and swimming is not permitted in public schools in San Diego, a... Diego: 1. painting Marston as unfriendly to business decade brought investors who saw the potential of San is. National Monument to Santa Anita Park moved to Mexico, or World Series title race in particular was classic.