In fact, there is a huge number of kernels for jupyter now[2]. Every JavaScript Function is a Pull system. On the contrary, an Observable is lazy. It is a project about highly interactive content on the web. We can use Observables without Angular or with Angular. There is also a limit to the visually observable universe, although I am not sure if anyone has tried to attach specific numbers to it.. What if we wanted to try and implement that same sort of functionality using only vanilla JavaScript? How hard can it be? One of the most important things about Observable is that it is mostly just javascript. RxJS Reactive Extensions Library for JavaScript. Observable is where people can create, collaborate, and learn with data. D3.JS is so great, a fantastic tool. (Also, maybe a Jupyter habits, but I am used to results below code.). Observable gets to start fresh and build a language that best enables an interactive visual notebook environment, whereas the others are great languages but that kind of notebook environment came later and must be shaped to fit the languages. No need to assume malice, other human foibles like attribution bias and hubris nicely explain the horrific idea of calling your language/tool/project 'Observable'. Haskell has .lhs ('literate haskell') files where comments are the. Okay sure, but that is true of every digital document. An Observable is an entity that wraps content and allows to observe the content for invalidations.. An implementation of Observable may support lazy evaluation, which means that the content is not immediately recomputed after changes, but lazily the next time it is requested. Any help on where I am going wrong would be great. But making Lots Of Copies does indeed Keep Stuff Safe, which is why I was puzzled that you seemed to be dismissing that route in your original comment., Unlike Jupyter notebook, the code is non-linear. All bindings and properties in this library support lazy evaluation. Other groups also use the notebooks for documentation purposes. "Observable is a used for . What does it say about a company who can't even get URLs right? Operators are the horse-power behind observables, providing an elegant, declarative solution to complex asynchronous tasks. I wish companies like these would just explain their product in simple language like a normal person. 2. All the old-line science tools are in the interactive notebook or logbook style. 1. And I have also made the field optional for now to make sure. Since we can’t use a built-in Observable, we rely on a popular Observable library called RxJS. Non-linear is a plus. There aren't many people working on archival media because product-market fit is really elusive with a 3000-year-long feedback cycle, although Norsam at least has an available product, though at a price point that discourages mass production. How to add media queries to styles prop in react-select? You say, "when business is involved, there's no absolute guarantee", but to me, that sounds like an absolute guarantee that your documents will disappear — consider how many companies are still around from only 3000 years ago, right before the Bronze Age Collapse, and compare to how many documents survive from that time. The title is a bit click-baity since I don't think anyone would think Observable would run javascript as if it were in editable