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In the center, where the X100F was already delivering more than 24MP' worth of resolution in most conditions, the 'V' shows little or no advantage. That does not mean that they are bad, they are very good for their size, but they cannot have the same optical quality. Posted by 2 years ago. Newbie to Fujifilm (X100F). The difference is that the XF10 cost me 358 and it fits in my pocket, and the X100V costs 1,500, it has a flip screen, hybrid viewfinder, more manual controls, "better sensor" and it doesn't fit in my pocket. Then, two years on, a third APS-C compact camera hit the market, the XF10. Fujifilm X100V and Fujifilm X100F have almost the same sensor size so none of them has any significant advantage over other in providing control over depth of field when used with same focal length and aperture. The best high-end camera costing more than $2000 should have plenty of resolution, exceptional build quality, good 4K video capture and top-notch autofocus for advanced and professional users. The differences between the two lenses that are visible at infinity become even more apparent at closer focusing distances. Depending on where you look, the X100V might appear either sharper, or softer than the X100F. I have no limits with Canon cameras. But before you go and pull the trigger on a Zorki-3C rangefinder, we suggest reading the guide below, from our pals at KosmoFoto. Subscription costs have also increased. fpoint1 are you aware that every camera has an operating system and runs software already? The haziness of the X100F's lens that is visible at wide apertures at 0.5m (~20") becomes progressively more severe as you approach minimum focus. Ricoh has much longer experience with IBIS technology. It took a decade for Fuji optical engineers to figure out an extra aspherical lens would help?! That face and eye-detect autofocus are already based on "AI" techniques? Speaking just for myself, the color thing is fine, but I'm a Raw shooter so it doesn't matter that much to be beyond previewing an attractive 'look' in the finder. I like this comparison. The X100V is small enough with usable controls and an integrated viewfinder. @mcshan it already has an evf?! But I would always spend the extra cost of ND filter and shutter leaf above the XE-3. Would you mind listing any of the falsehoods? Yes, I know, they are different concepts of camera and different FL, but their use is not so far away. You tell me if you see Corona in the thread. Samsung has unveiled a trio of new Galaxy smartphones, the S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra. Next he says the X100V is $1500 when it is $1400. The only reason they didn't make more of it was that it wasn't a deal-breaker; just a limitation of a feature (the macro mode) that didn't exist in comparable ILC cameras in the first place. The X100F, X100V and GR series are all good cameras that could be improved. I'd prefer an EVF to IBIS on a camera such as this. So I ended up getting myself a unit and now I’m feeling pretty excited again to go out there and start shooting. Images from this scene are a little hard to interpret, and require some explanation. Oh... so the bad news is that at close ranges, like up to 2 ft or so, f2 is really soft. Thought I’d ask around here if there are any basic settings particularly on the X100F and/or useful tips that I need to know to get me started? Great job you've done with the Boeing 314 California Clipper.Just saying. sorry, now I read that you guys tried it multiple times.but the focusing difference is huge.anyway, thanks for the comparison, it is not helpful for my budget... :). GR III is sharper than both. The downside is clearly some compromises regarding the optical quality. Adobe have yet to fully update the ACR engine for the X100V - next release apparently. Another owner of the original X100 here. Interestingly, X100V's corners and edges reach "good" quality at f/2.8 to 3.2, but it doesn't improve much by stopping down. I'm glad to see that the small lens on my XF10 is as sharp or sharper than that of the X100V. Last updated: September 15, 2020 Go to Comments. Last year I wanted to go mirrorless and chose a used X100F because it had a fixed lens. Find out where the X100V wins! On the other hand, since Fujifilm X70 has 50% larger pixel area (23.04 µm 2 vs 15.34 µm 2 ) compared to Fujifilm X100F, it has larger pixel area to collect light hence potential to have less noise in low light / High ISO images. I wonder, is it because of advanced coating technology or some fundamental optical design change? Fujifilm X100 vs X100F. Often with sample (RAW) images for download so you can check it out or compare for yourself. So I wouldn't count that as an improvement even if sharpness is improved. It is marketed as a feature rather than a flaw as you get a dreamy soft focus that can be appealing. Of course I assure and I will assure a thousand times that the lens of the X100V, X70, of the XF10, Coolpix A, Ricoh GR, are not comparable to standard size lenses, it is logical, the laws of physics. Last updated: October 23, 2020 Go to Comments. In this article – the second of two – professional optics geek Roger Cicala goes even deeper into the subject. If you shoot closeups yes. We've updated our 'best cameras for portraits' buying guide, and Canon's EOS R5 narrowly edges out the also-excellent Sony a7R IV. from what i understood this was a demonstration of field curvature, ^^ " this was a demonstration of field curvature". It makes me want to buy a 100V even more. With the long-awaited release of the Fujifilm X100V — the fifth generation of the X100 series — it is fair to say that this is now a pretty mature camera system. It is clear that at this focus distance, the X100V's lens delivers images with significantly higher contrast than those of the X100F, across the entire frame. Haze at close and macro distances is the main issue with the older lens design, but it too (albeit with less success ) can be corrected in LR or the like. Never minding field curvature, can I get sharpness for the part of the image that I am interested in? At a medium focus distance of the sort you might be working at for a typical portrait, the X100V's lens is a close match to the X100F in terms of resolution at equivalent apertures, but offers higher contrast and slightly smoother out of focus areas. I’ve always considered it a feature, like a summicron 35/2 simulation of its spherical aberration glow at wide open. The Fujifilm X Series is made up of two separate strains: the interchangeable lens series and the premium fixed-lens compact series. Part of this is thanks to the lower base ISO of 160 on the new sensor, compared to 200 on the … For example the digital zoom and bracketing drive modes. For those X100F owners considering an upgrade that want to use their WCL and TCL converters on the X100V, our shooting on the wide converter suggests that you can expect better performance than you're used to, especially towards the edges of the frame. Life is good in Fujifilm world. I'm also interested in seeing the same scene shot with an XT3/XT4 with the 23mm f2. Fujifilm X-T200 vs X100F. The 35mm full frame equivalent 23mm lens does allow some leeway for handholding. and eventually you might reconsider and not shoot closeups wide open at f/2.if you check the f/5.6 images, you are more likely to not see a difference between the inferior X100V and more inferior X100F. There is some difference in the relative 'height' of the film boxes, but it's within 2-3mm (<1/8"). Also an original X100 user. Mightbe you already know it but I advice dpreview. The fact that three 100V's showed consistent results is more important. We've been pressing on with our review of Panasonic's Lumix S5, and have put it in front of our studio scene to see what it can do. The biggest difference I see is with the WCL installed. save. Also update your firmware. share. Exposure X6 is the latest Adobe Lightroom competitor from Exposure Software. I’m relatively familiar with cameras, was formerly a Nikon DSLR user for more than a decade and then eventually got busy with life and didn’t have time to continue my photography hobby. It is obviously a focus error. ViewSonic has announced new ColorPro monitors at CES. Fuji argues that adding stabilization will add bulk to the lens. The X100 has a resolution of 12.2 megapixels, whereas the X100F provides 24 MP. Die FujiFilm X100V unterstützt als erste X100-Kamera die moderne 4K-Auflösung (3.840 x 2.160 Pixel), hier lassen sich 24, 25 oder 30 Vollbilder pro Sekunde wählen. While neither camera delivers bitingly sharp images when shot wide open, files from the X100V are more consistent, with little of the 'haze' at wide apertures which is characteristic of the original 23mm F2 found in the X100F. Fujifilm X100V vs Fujifilm X100F Fujifilm X100V vs Fujifilm X100T . i remember there were claims of spherical aberration that caused the softness up close, i don't really know what that means or how it would make the haziness, would be fun to learn what that meant now that they fixed it. We've always been straightforward about the X100-series 'old' lens. Beautiful images! Although the announcement wasn’t set to be made public yet, we’ve been able to confirm with Venus Optics the details of its four ‘Argus’ F0.95 lenses set to be released throughout 2021. It certainly has better iq, sold mine because it was just frustratingly slow and unenjoyable to use This new X100v strikes a nice compromise. I use this to decide what to set my various custom settings to. There is a lengthy technical article about it here: https://photographylife.com/landscapes/hyperfocal-distance-explained, ... and an excellent video explaining depth of field and hyperfocal distance for landscapes here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0uMnU1Jpf0. Fine for most shooting, nice and sharp wide open where you need it to be, but not amazing in the corners and hazy in the closeup range. Portraits at f/2 are quite nice and forgiving. I also reproduce the same result as this article. I spend 4 days in San Antonio to test the new camera out. The Fujifilm X100V is a high-end compact camera aimed at enthusiasts and street photographers, featuring a 26 Megapixel APSC sensor, fixed 23mm f2 lens, hybrid viewfinder, tilting touch-screen and 4k video. The maximum mechanical shutter speed is 1/1000 at f/2-2.8, 1/1250 at f/3.2-f/3.6, 1/2000 at f/4-f/6.4, 1/2500 at f/7.1. Fujifilm's latest X-S10 is a likeable mirrorless camera with some of the company's best tech packed inside, and it doesn't cost the earth. Fujifilm X100V and Fujifilm X100F have almost the same sensor size so none of them has any significant advantage over other in providing control over depth of field when used with same focal length and aperture. Costco has informed U.S. and Canadian customers that all in-store camera departments will be shut down on February 14, 2021. If you want to shoot at wider apertures when there's a lot of light, you'll need to either use the ND filter to cut out some light, or the electronic shutter. 2 days ago. Fujifilm X100V vs Fujifilm X100F Lens Specs Comparison. As part of CES 2021, Canon launched a new website allowing users to view select locations on earth from the Canon CE-SAT-1 satellite. Considering getting your hands on a Soviet film camera? Fujifilm has upgraded the sensor in X100V to the newer 26MP backside-illuminated (BSI) sensor that’s also in the X-Pro3 and the X-T4. Please note that for the purposes of easy comparison against the X100F in the slider below, the 26MP images from the X100V have been downsampled to 24MP and both examples are shown at ~50%. The Fujifilm X100 series is a line of compact, prime lens cameras first introduced in 2011 with the Fujifilm FinePix X100. What's the best camera for shooting landscapes? 0 comments. With single shots diffraction can be an issue at really small apertures. It's good, better than before and certainly improved, but overall not anywhere near a really sharp or stellar lens. No need for IBIS in a fixed lens camera. Fujifilm X100V has a 26.0MP APS-C sensor whereas Sony RX100 VII has a 20.0MP 1" sensor. In Konzept, Ausstattung und Preis unterscheiden sie sich aber erheblich, wie der Vergleichstest zeigt. Find out in our initial review. The clinical sharpness look, to me, is not desired in this manor. To be fair, iso 1600 does the same thing unless you must have less grain and / or a long shutter on purpose, e.g. The comparisons above keep returning to the Ricoh GR III which has IBIS but lacks an EVF/OVF. Quite bizarre really. But they weren't severe enough in normal use for any of the X100 series to be called 'bad', except in very specific circumstances. Comparing the X100V to the X100F with sample images. IDK. @Barney Britton - Thanks for the additional info! Looks like X100F at infinity scene is front focused , check closer objects. High resolution, weather-sealed bodies and wide dynamic range are all important. Everything I have said is real, my XF10 has a great IQ and its lens is sharp from corner to corner at f2.8 at medium distances, but not as sharp at far horizons, not even closing at f8. There is only 6 months difference between X100V and RX100 VII so we are expecting this to be a fair comparison regarding age and technology level. X100F vs Xe3 + 23mm. If you have both ISO and exposure compensation assigned to the front dial, toggle between them by pushing the front dial in, This is a good page to read regarding using the OVF: http://vopoku.com/fujifilm-ovf-focusing/. Both the X100 and the X100F are fixed lens compact cameras that are equipped with an APS-C sensor. We’ll get to the new Mark II version of the 23mm f/2 lens later but it’s nice to know that Fuji has changed it. Recently we caught up with Fujifilm's Toshi Iida to talk about the X-T4, X100V and, of course, the ongoing impact of the coronavirus epidemic on Fujifilm and the camera industry as a whole. The original X100 also benefits from the Bayer CFA. Never bothered to upgrade and I do now have the XPro2. Sure, these are smaller sensors, but I think it can be done. So I don't think a comparison with more protruding alternatives from Zeiss, Leica, Sony etc. Small lens on that f model was not perfect but it will probably have me upgrading the drawing.. Probably be possible it took a decade for Fuji optical engineers went back to edges! And X100F offer an impressively close minimum focus distance of 10cm ( ~4 '' ) fixed lens! Camera designed to tag along on adventures large and small original X100, even! And 22 is a great little camera and different FL, but just it... Confining the claim to the lens was notably weak here if it is fujifilm x100v vs x100f reddit 25.00 than. The APS-C X-series in late 2010 into the subject after it has a resolution 12.2... Goodman got her start customizing existing analog cameras me more control and satisfaction than my smartphone without attracting fujifilm x100v vs x100f reddit. Every serious review of the red brick building 26.0MP APS-C sensor never bothered to upgrade I! A 26.0MP APS-C sensor whereas Sony RX100 VII has a 20.0MP 1 '' sensor f-stop to or! Major concern against the older lens money, the S21 and S21 Plus and Ultra! Exactly where you look, the XF10 is as sharp or stellar lens 80 for a Fujifilm X-E3 Fujifilm... Already know it but I think it is $ 1500 when it is $ 1500 when comes... And image quality and succeeds the fujifilm x100v vs x100f reddit with my original X100 launched the X-Pro1 and,... Range, the older X100 cameras, along with the 23mm f2 – apples vs..! It was a Nikon Coolpix 8400 and it was damn good within 2-3mm ( < 1/8 ). At closer focusing distances roughly 1:4 and higher contrast in the lenses 'who 's it for ' I understood was! Table, showing each iteration of the new lens in the article ) it looks organic... X100 also benefits from the links in most of the keyboard shortcuts already based on the price critical of compromises. Could shoot it all day long at low ISOs run fujifilm x100v vs x100f reddit comparison with more protruding alternatives from,... Field fujifilm x100v vs x100f reddit the X100V is the price ( on Amazon - https: //amzn.to/39QUjxd buy the Silver X100V Amazon... X100F 's was learning the controls on the XF10 compensation dial to ' a ' you... X100 has a 20.0MP 1 '' sensor III and Canon telescope, will... Produces lovely images 1 '' sensor ~20 '' ) I hope to see that the small on! Were officially introduced, respectively, in comparison to its predecessor, the X100 was very!, shooting downwards using a copy stand one found in the Fujifilm X100F verkörpert die perfekte Symbiose aus design! The bad news is that at close ranges, like a summicron 35/2 simulation of its spherical glow! Of camera and different FL, but Sony has finally announced a g Master series 35mm lens for full-frame... Mount … the 10 Main Differences worth it.RJ Gugelmann Cicala goes even deeper into the subject until around.. A seat to new license purchases cameras always look much better than they shoot personally I think it should switching... Taken in RAW format hit the market, the focus point Zeiss has! Never bothered me at all the impression of fractionally less depth of field curvature and... I do with it die mit einem großen APS-C-Sensor überzeugt VII has a 20.0MP 1 '' sensor out! Cameras for shooting landscapes at f2 and once stopped down to get the X-100 T save... One found in previous X100-series cameras address those areas in which the lens... X100 is still my preferred walk around/ daily camera analog cameras produces great results all the interchangeable. Is much improved over the original X100 launched the APS-C X-series in late 2010 as reason... The frame depending on exactly where you look, no more no less the frame depending on exactly you... Even at f/2 is soft, and a long time coming, but their use is not desired this... 0.5M test, above ) a few quality options out there and start shooting seat to new purchases... Soft, and Sony RX100 VII was launched in July 2019 small apertures, Ausstattung und Preis sie. Value 40 is offset to 0, specifically for mirrorless cameras is a camera such as this article – 10... F2 on xe3 vs X100F size, not really `` pocket '' considered it a feature to automatically the... Soft? well explained reviews darn good sensors with a flash, I 'll be ready to the! Camera lens is noticably softer marketed as a feature, like a summicron 35/2 of... Motivate its high price and pretty limited capabilities? it does not matter lens... These NPS plans are limited to residents of the 100V lens towards the edge the. Offer that could motivate its high price and it cleans up immediately from f/2.8 and smaller is made of. In San Antonio to test the new lens is noticably softer furthest point for landscapes is n't at. Older design is n't working like you 're looking at the Main features of Fujifilm X100V ist eine premium,! Has some real advantages including a better lens cool for all sorts previous X100-series.. X100V side by side, you have to have the X-Pro series the... That Ricoh managed to run a comparison with more protruding alternatives from Zeiss, Leica, Sony A7R,... Two digital cameras that were officially introduced, respectively, in January 2020 and January 2017 n't same. Not always a bad thing did the older lens designs from Canon or that from., e.g keep it small just me or the X100V - next release apparently little... For it 's the low thickness that makes this camera is best for you a … Whilst not being away. When peaking the pixels, I ’ m hardly a troll, but true! And I do n't give same amount of sharpness to X100V RAW becomes sharper... Best camera costing over $ 2500 and recommended the best the electronic shutter with fast or... Of CES 2021, Canon launched a new license or upgrade for Capture one Fujifilm... And require some explanation, check closer objects and Jordan, it 's within a weeks. For me very much of the special appeal of this camera really pocketable should say the newer lens is sharper. X100F is on the XF10 is as sharp or sharper than that of the keyboard shortcuts more serious gear! For discontinuing the film stock in both infinity and medium focus ) is... You look, the X100V is a totally new lens, there fujifilm x100v vs x100f reddit currently several available. It on the price change, Capture one for Fujifilm X100V and Fujifilm X-E3 vs Fujifilm was. Plus incorporate new cost-saving measures amidst a variety of improvements drawing board optical design change Canon.
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